clean lines. classic shapes. beautiful jewelry.

 Inhabit Jewelry is proud to be a one woman show!   I started my business in 2017, and since then, I have come up with the designs & hand made every piece myself.  I have a masters degree in interior design (which I still practice) and my architectural background really informs my jewelry designs, as you may notice!  I feel best when I am creating, so working on my jewelry is both a business and a therapy for me.   I hope you enjoy my designs!  xoxo, Meg

inhabit jewelry


My love for art and design was instilled at an early age. As a kid, if I wasn't busy with drawing, photography or pottery classes, I was constantly rearranging the furniture in the house or hijacking my moms sewing machine (that explains why she was always signing me up for those classes!). I went on to earn a masters degree in interior design and spent more than a decade working in architecture & design firms around Boston. 


When I started a family, I found myself on a design hiatus raising my two young children... and I missed it! After getting inspired by handmade jewelry at a summer music festival, I began toying with my own designs and found it to be an amazing creative outlet. The design floodgates were released! Now I am spending any time I can get creating beautiful jewelry.